These Are Learning Robots

Nurph gives you your very own knowledge learning @Robot Assistant that learns how to answer your @replies and assist you with your Twitter communication. As you answer your Follower's @replies, your @Robot picks up knowledge and uses the knowledge to answer future @replies from your Followers automatically, instantly, and at any time of day.


For example, your @Robot Assistant could learn how to answer product pricing questions. When one of your customers contacts you over Twitter or in your Nurph Channel, your @Robot can respond on your behalf so that you don't have to lift a finger. Customer support, Hashtag Chats, and Knowledge Archiving are just some of our favorite use-cases for Nurph @Robots. Read more...

Robot Use-Cases

It's 24/7

The robots don't sleep, and that means the bots can handle your online comunication 24/7 and offer a superior communcation experience for your Twitter Followers.

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@Nurph is our Robot

The Nurph Team has its very own @ called @. We use our own technology. Join your Nurph Chanel and type '@ help' or you can see @ in action in the Official #Nurph Channel.

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Robots in Nurph Channels

Your @Robot lives in your Nurph Channel. The Nurph Channels are the best tool for doing real-time communication through Twitter and make it super easy to chat away with the @Robots.

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