#Channel Your Twitter Conversations


Group Communication for Twitter

The Group Experience You've Been Waiting For

Tune in to your Nurph Channel, tweet an invitation to your Followers, and get ready for real-time Group Chat for Twitter. Text + Audio + Video...the Nurph Channels enable you to chat on all levels. And that's just for starters.

#Hashtag Integration

It All Ties in Nicely

Every Twitter @User has a Nurph #Channel, and every Nurph #Channel is integrated with a Twitter Hashtag. For example, a tweet about #Starbucks corresponds to the #Starbucks Nurph Channel.

Chat Statistics

Gain Insights in to Your Community

Dive in to your post-chat statistics to learn more about your conversations and community. Most active participants, most influential contributors, most retweeted tweets - it's all there for you to learn about. Here's an example.

Full Replays

Replay Your Chats in Real-Time

The Real-Time Replay feature enables you to re-watch your chats after they've occurred. Both the tweets and the video are replayed in sync, which means it's just like being there for the live show. Here's an example.

Screen Sharing

Quick Collaboration over Twitter

Using apps like SplitCam for Windows and ManyCam for Mac you can broadcast a live feed from your computer desktop, via your webcam, for real-time screensharing across Twitter. Also Nurph's very own native version of screen-sharing is in the works.

Sound Effects & Emoticons

Express Yourself :)

The Nurph Channels have built-in sound effects and keyboard commands. Check out the full list of what's available right here.

SMS Reminders

Remind Your Community

Your Twitter Community can subscribe to SMS alerts about when your chats are about to start. This makes them more likely to turn up on time!